Our Leadership


Mark Ogletree

Lead Pastor

Pastor Mark Ogletree is the founder and lead pastor of I AM Worship Church. He and his wife Ashley are entrepreneurs for a living. They live in Livingston, TN with their two sons, Mark III and Maddox, and daughter, Marley.

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Todd Beaty

Associate Pastor

Todd provides leadership to our ministry teams and assists our pastor in many areas. He also serves on the leadership team of Trinity NetMinders Fishing Ministry. He is also an Elder of the church and is on the Executive Board of Elders.

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Jason Lands

Worship Pastor

Jason pastors and leads teams in the worship, technology, social media, and the audio/video production ministries at I AM Worship Church. Jason is a graduate of Valor Christian University with a Diploma of Arts in Pastoral & Church Leadership, and also holds a Bachelors of Arts in Business Management from Ohio Christian University. He is an Elder of the church and is on the Executive Board of Elders.

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Zach Gantt

Operations Pastor

Zach pastors and leads in church operations, concerning administrative roles, finances, facilities, security, and transportation ministries at I AM Worship Church. Zach is a successful entrepreneur and local business owner and is vital to the overall success of our ministry.

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Liz Huggins

Youth Pastor/Women's Ministry Director/Administrative Assistant

Liz pastors teenagers that are in high school. She also ministers to their family and friends. She and her husband Jason, and their leadership are responsible for all youth services on Sunday and Wednesday evenings.

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Keith Pachmayer


Keith serves on our Worship Team, is an Elder of the church and is on the Executive Board of Elders.

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Chris Gore

Elder, Security, Fight Club

Chris doubles up as I AM Worship Church Security Administrator and also serves with his wife, Darlene, as the team leaders of Guest Services at I AM Worship Church. Chris is also an Elder of the church and is on the Executive Board of Elders.

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David Lancaster

Men's Ministry Director


Ashley Ogletree

Assimilation Coordinator

Ashley oversees all administrative functions of all Assimilation which includes but not limited to, NEXT STEPS, different ways to serve on teams, #IAMGroups, Emmaus, etc. She also provides pastoral support for those who are team leaders in all of those areas, and the primary goal is to help others take the next step in their faith.

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Shannon Pachmayer

Financial Assistant

Shannon is the Treasurer at I AM Worship Church., as she records all monies into the church, makes all deposits, and keeps all financial accounts current and documented. She assists in opportunities that will come in the future to continued growth and excellence into church financial business.

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Darlene Gore

Guest Services Coordinator

Darlene oversees Guest Services at I AM Worship Church, which is a team of people who are committed to welcoming, assisting, and accommodating others. Darlene's leadership in this role covers many different ministries within the church.

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Mandy Lands

Meal Team Coordinator

Mandy coordinates and schedules prepared meals that go out to those that are in need due to births or deaths or those that are shut-in due to sickness. Mandy leads a team that believes that being there for people when they need you in real life is very important, even if it's just preparing a meal for you and your family.

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Denise Dillon

Hospitality Coordinator


Monica Beaty

Benevolence Coordinator

Monica leads a team of seven board members that are committed in caring for the widows and the orphans by helping with things like food, clothes, finances, and other areas of need. This ministry team has a servants heart that desires to be a blessing to our community.

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Billy Rodgers

Facilities Director


Executive Board of Elders

• Mark Ogletree - Chairman
• Keith Pachmayer
• Jason Lands
• Todd Beaty
• Chris Gore

Accountability Board

• Chairman: Pastor Mark Honeycutt - Cedar Park, TX
• Pastor Phil Tollett - Smithville, TN
• Pastor Doug Collins - Lebanon, TN